Client Offering



With over twenty years in the media and entertainment industry, Ms. Du Bois has helped her clients secure over 1,000 placements in film and television projects.  A fierce advocate for the protection of media IP rights, she has secured 7 figure settlements in copyright infringement cases on behalf of her clients.  Her creativity and in depth knowledge of the administration and business management also enabled her to aid one of her clients in restructuring their domestic operation resulting in a cost savings of over $1.7M.  Today, Ms. Du Bois is sought after across every sector of the media and corporate industry for her expertise in media IP, client negotiation and her longstanding relationships.  

Public Speaking

As an in-demand inspirational public speaker in the U.K. and the U.S., her experiences have enabled her to bring a compelling insight and humor to her audiences.  Ms. Du Bois has been invited to speak on creating better brand partnerships; music publishing copyright and business models; power of networking and the personal connection; and secrets to breaking into the Hollywood industry to name a few.


Ms. Du Bois secret to her longevity and success in the media and entertainment industry has been her ability to network and connect with people.  Her tenacious spirit and international travels have resulted in her maintaining a rolodex which transverse beyond the corporate and media sector to the arts, political, legal and finance/banking industry.  Ms. Du Bois has established herself as an experienced moderator and has authored panels on such topics as:  "what does it truly take to be a leader in business, politics or the entertainment industry," "everything you need to know on how to prepare, pitch and place your songs for television in the U.S. and the U.K. and all the little bits to ensure you get paid" and "market disruption and the legal industry's reaction - is innovation and technology changing in the face of law?"