Consulting Services

Music Assessment and Representation

• Submit up to three songs for assessment
• If accepted you will be advised within 2 weeks
• If not then you will be invited to sign up for coaching   

If you would like to submit song(s) please click below to get in touch and receive our submission guidelines.

Music Catalogue Valuation and Sale

  • Do you have a music catalogue that you would like represented for sale?  If so I will work with my team experts to provide you with a fair market valuation of your catalogue, and provide an assessment of the marketplace. If I agree to take on your catalogue I will provide you with a realistic timeframe and sale price which we anticipate your catalogue to sell for.  

Music Administration and Sub-Publishing 

  • Do you have a catalogue or body of work that you would like set up for administration agreements and sub-publishing agreements on a world-wide basis.  You will benefit from my longstanding relationships  and my intimate knowledge of the PROs in the major territories.  I will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best administration and/or sub-publishing deal with a reputable company with a proven track record.  

Royalty Tracking and Collections

  • Have you written songs for a film, television show or commercial, had your song played on the radio or played at a live event and never saw the revenues from your performance?  Let me help you ensure that you are maximizing the collections of your royalties in all territories.  With the help of my team of experts, I will conduct a full audit of your catalogue and identify the missed income and performances.  We will then verify and/or register all the work registrations, obtain copies of the cue sheets and ensure their proper submission to the respective PROs.  

Business Formation

  • Have you always wanted to open an office in the U.S. but were intimidated by the complexities of an unfamiliar system with a foreign set of rules?  Working with my team of experts, I can help you navigate and create a bespoke solution that works for your business so that you can set up your office with ease and confidence.

General Business Consultancy and Strategy

  • Are you looking to expand or grow your business into a new area?
  • Have you always wanted to get into music publishing business?  I'll help you navigate the challenges so that you have realistic expectations and can meet your goals.
  • Now's your chance...I'll help you navigate the expansion of your business and help you identify and address the challenges beforehand to smoothen the transition.