Thanks to Nathalie’s leadership, her company was able to secure more than 70 placements of titles included in my publishing repertoire. Uses ranged from TV to film to mechanical licenses (records).

The prestige of the catalogue she represented was significant. Being represented by her company was in of itself a way of ensuring that my music would be considered in the most serious fashion.

I do think the prestige was a direct consequence of her leadership in the company.
— Marco Marinangeli, Grammy Nominated Composer, Songwriters and Producer

Thank you for including me in this years Sound City+. I had a great time and felt it was really worthwhile. The panel sessions were really well attended and there were lots of very engaged enthusiastic and interesting people at those, as well as the 1-2-1s which were intense but fun!

Thanks for all your engaged work in bringing it all together. If you are involved next year I’d certainly be up for coming along again.
— Nicky Bignell, Head of Music Licensing BBC Rights, Legal and Business Affairs

Thank you for hosting and being such a great moderator. I’m flattered that such a distinguished person was impressed with the presentation. It would not have been possible had you not done so much preparatory work.
— Tony Owens, Legal Counsel, Head of AI NOKIA

Thank you so much for speaking at the conference and for sharing your extensive knowledge on getting your music in film and TV. I really appreciated it and learned a lot from you, leaving very inspired.”
— Dee Alimi Participant Making It Happen